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Action: During the offensive battles of 26th April 1944, south of the village of Kopanka, Benderskii Region, as a Company Commander in the 2nd. Rifle Battalion Guards, Jr. Lieut. Nakonechnii received the mission to take the enemy fortifications that were blocking the way of our infantry and was full of combat units of the German Army. Comrade Nakonechnii studied the enemy's positions and their fire points. He quietly closed on the enemy's position with his soldiers and with the cry of "Ura!" they threw grenades and burst into the enemy's positions. With gunfire and hand-to-hand fighting, they knocked the enemy out of their positions. One enemy mortar was captured and Lt. Nakonechnii and his soldiers began to use it to fire on the retreating Germans. The sector that Nakonechnii captured was an advantageous position and this gave our troops the possibility to advance further.

For bravery and courage, Guards, Jr. Lt. Nakonechnii deserves the State Award, the Order of the Alexander Nevsky. (Awarded Medal of Valor for Defense of Stalingrad).

Regt. Commander,

1st/Guards Lt. Col. Andryuschhenko 11th May 1944

Condition: GVF.